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Well, hi!

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My journal is open to the public; however, I may still keep more personal entries Friend's Only. If you'd like to add me, please drop me a comment and introduce yourself as I probably won't know if you've added me otherwise. :)

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DragonCon T-shirts

For anyone going to Dragon*Con this year, I'm making and selling t-shirts. If you'd like one, please fill out the html form and leave it in the comments. At the end of the week, I will make individual, custom listings on where you can purchase them. You'll have the weekend to purchase your listing, and once I have everyone's money, I will start getting shirts together.

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Really simple designs. I may have a Kahlan one up this week as well. This past week, a 2 day trip turned into a 5 day, and I ran out of time. If I can get Kahlan's done, I will post it tomorrow.

The shirts are $22 + $5 shipping. The sizes are from YXS all the way to 3XL. If you're outside of the US, shipping will be more.

Other colors and styles are available, but the price will go up from $22. If you're interested in another style and/or color, let me know in the comments.

Comments are screened.

KickAss - Kahlan

Aiken stuff

So much has happened since last May that my time in Aiken seems like it was years ago. I hadn't planned on putting all of these together, but I thought it would be nice to have some of them in a video. After the intro videos, everything is pretty much in order time-wise. Anyway. Enjoy!

KickAss - Kahlan

Dress Up Tiemz!

Luke and I are playing through Final Fantasy VI (my first time), and I am a little in love with Celes. ^^ She's so awesome! Anyway. Here is my chibi self dressed up as her. Yes, I am a dork. I know this and have come to terms with it. ^^

Next up? Chibi Luke/Locke even if he groans whenever I suggest it! :D

Dress Up Time
by ~aleynarose on deviantART
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